Who Are We ?

Maple Tech  is a Global IT Services company which provides a wide range of IT services to our customers in several business verticals. Through our dedicated team of experts, we attend to the needs of our clients and work accordingly to provide them with the IT solutions to help them improve their organizational performance in key business areas. .

Maple Tech provides high quality IT hardware and software consultants to our clients, which enables our clients to avail the services of skilled professional staff on a temporary or permanent basis, as per their varying project requirements.


Top News

  • McDonald's scraps AI drive-thru

    mcDonald fast food restaurant with a young lady standing in front.
    McDonald’s will shelve the AI drive-thru systems it has been testing at more than 100 locations in partnership with IBM after videos surfaced showing customers struggling to order with them. The decision comes as quick-service restaurants from Chipotle to Panera have experimented with using artificial intelligence from front to back-house operations to save labor and other costs. But with human help required to fulfill 1 in every 5 orders at McDonald’s, the tech was deemed not ready. The system would need to be “at least 95% accurate” to be viable, one analyst said. By Cate Chapman, Editor at LinkedIn News
  • Microsoft confirms NTLM is dead beyond Windows 11 24H2 and Server 2025

    Back in October last year, Microsoft expressed its desire to eventually disable NTLM authentication. The company on its official website has updated the list of deprecated Windows features where it has now added NTLM or New Technology Lan Manager. These will include all versions of NTLM including LANMAN, NTLMv1 and NTLMv2.

Top Articles - This week

  • SpaceX Wins $843 Million Contract to Bring Down International Space Station

    Bloomberg -- Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been picked by NASA to build a spacecraft to guide the International Space Station out of orbit and have it burn up in Earth’s atmosphere after the lab is retired in 2030. The NASA contract is worth as much as $843 million, the US agency said in a statement on Wednesday. Along with the ISS, a home-away-from-home for astronauts for years, SpaceX’s new vehicle “is expected to destructively breakup as part of the reentry process,” NASA said. SpaceX will develop the so-called deor bit spacecraft and NASA will take ownership after development and operate it thr
  • Big Tech: Training AI is fair use

    Chamber of Progress, a tech-industry lobbying group whose members include Apple, Meta and Amazon, has launched a campaign to defend the practice of using copyrighted works to train artificial intelligence. The group aims to show how generative AI can be deployed by artists to “enhance their creative output” under the legal principle of fair use, writes The Hollywood Reporter.