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IT service management (ITSM) refers to the implementation and management of quality services for the utilization of all IT resources - hardware, software and human resoures. ITSM employs ITIL ( Information Technology Information Library) documented best practices and in most cases extends beyond into additional areas such as enhanced processes and their implementation to provide additional value-added functionality to IT resources. At present, ITSM methods have evolved to include specific ways to enable and optimize assessment, planning, and implementation of ITIL best practices. The service management solution enabled business users, leaders and IT to get the most value from IT investments. IT Service Management Software and Solutions help to ensure service quality and resource utilization across environments.

Maple Tech is an international provider of integrated IT infrastructure solutions and managed services. We provide expert consultation on communications and collaboration, data center and cloud solutions, information and data management, and managed services.

Maple Tech's IT service management software solutions help our clients implement processes for defining, transitioning, delivering and supporting your services and assets throughout their lifecycles. These service management solutions can integrate and automate your Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes so you can utilize resources and control changes more efficiently and streamline the workload for your IT staff. The business service management our solutions offer can also help improves visibility and control with top-down views of service level agreements (SLAs) across the enterprise. Our business service management solutions can help optimize the managing of your services, support, assets, contracts, software licenses and more. One primary origin of ITSM can be found in the systems management services and functions historically done in large scale mainframe environments. Through constant refinement over the years these services and functions attained a high level of maturity.

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