Best practices for cyber preparedness at businesses

Cyberattacks may be the greatest threat to your business today. 

All businesses may be vulnerable, regardless of size or sector, public or private. Cybercriminals won’t ignore a company with a smaller market cap or fewer employees. They cast a wide net, and they don’t discriminate.

You are very likely aware of the landscape — cyber extortion/ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Petya/NotPetya are just a couple of high-profile cyberattacks. But, awareness may not be enough if we do not truly know how to protect our company’s assets.

How can biometrics improve the airport experience?

The latest trend in airport security is to provide biometric pathways from check-in to boarding, creating a smoother, more satisfying and secure passenger experience.

In Passenger IT Trends Survey – a 2017 report from air transport communications and IT specialists SITA – research showed that 57% of passengers would use biometrics instead of a passport or boarding pass at airport border control.

Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

There is nothing worse than watching that little battery icon on your laptop slip into the red zone. It’s almost like the life is draining out of you as fast as it’s draining out of your machine.

Of course, you can game the system a bit by keeping an extra battery fueled up and in your laptop bag, but here are 5 ways to conserve laptop battery power:

7 ways IoT is reshaping the internet

IoT is no longer just the next phase of the Internet—it’s fundamentally reshaping the core characteristics of the internet as we know it.

Two decades ago, the Internet was the shiny new object in the room. The Worldwide Web was just emerging as a new paradigm for communication and commerce, and the world brimmed with possibilities. Today, not only has the Internet fulfilled those nascent dreams, it has become the undisputed foundation of the digital age.

But now there’s a new paradigm in town—the Internet of Things (IoT).


Smart Cities are the wave of the future

Imagine approaching an intersection on foot, and without doing anything, the traffic light senses your smartphone beacon and your pedestrian profile. The light changes as you reach the curb, allowing just the 12 seconds it takes you to cross before turning to red. Other than being convenient, this keeps vehicular traffic flowing while also allowing people of various ages and abilities, or with disabilities, to have the amount of time to cross the street customized to their needs.

7 Things That Make Great Bosses Unforgettable

Once again, Google has topped Fortune magazine’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. This marks Google’s second year in a row at the top of the list, and their sixth victory overall.

Most people assume that Google tops the list because of their great benefits and all of the fun and perks that they pack into the Googleplex. But that’s just part of the equation.


6 things to avoid in transactional emails

You might think that once a sale has been made, or an email subscription confirmed, that your job is done. You’ve made the virtual handshake, you can have a well-earned coffee and sit down now right?


(You knew we were going to say that didn’t you?)

Transactional emails are actually a massive opportunity, with open and click through rates typically around double that of commercial emails, so now is the time to pull out the stops and do your best work, to turn that one-time customer into a regular customer.

4 low-tech solutions for creating smarter cities

Smart cities might are often defined by technology like autonomous vehicles, IoT and sensors, but cities can smarten up in some low-tech ways, too.

Here are some ideas that cities can pursue to enhance quality of life and connectivity for citizens — without a wireless signal or camera sensor.

Smart Parking: Nature, Trends And Benefits


The world is going to have more than 2 billion cars on the road by 2020. Add the ~770 million trucks that would be present as well – and you will get a fair idea of how busy the traffic system would be, and how challenging it will become to find convenient, safe parking spots. A recent Goodwin survey found that, nearly 30% of traffic congestions in urban downtown areas are caused by drivers frantically looking for spaces to park their vehicles. Things can, potentially, get very chaotic.

Smart Parking To The Rescue

Are your sensors generating money for you?

What have your device sensors done lately for you? Your company markets a device with sensors. They are good and reliable sensors. But are they generating revenue for you in addition to what you generate by selling the device? Have you considered the possibility that those sensors can be put to work to make a new stream of revenues for you? Let us start with an example of a simple sensor based household gadget almost every house uses. It is a common household thermostat. A thermostat measures the temperature of a room and based on the temperature it starts or stops a connected appliance like a heater or air conditioner. The traditional thermostat does its job admirably just by controlling the intended appliances.