Staffing Solutions


Our Unique Staffing Model

MapleTech offers to its global clients a range of staffing services that connect employers with talented, dedicated DE & I individuals to meet their temporary or permanent needs. We operate with flexible cost structure, tuned towards long-term business relationships with our clients:

  • Employee Service Engagements
  • Accessibility and Accommodation Processes
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Consulting


Key Staffing Assignments

MapleTech offers to its global clients professionally qualified and highly motivated individuals and teams to staff projects of any size. We operate with a flexible cost structure.

  • Short Term Assignments
  • Long Term Assignments
  • Contracts with Option to Hire
  • Part Time or Full Time
  • Specialty Staffing
  • Staff Supplementation
  • Employee Leasing

Some of the recent assignments of our professional staff have been in the following technical areas:

  • System Architecture and Development
  • Database Design and Administration
  • Cloud Computing
  • Net framework, ASP.NET, AJAX, Winforms, WPF, WF and WCF, Sharepoint
  • Oracle Developer, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, Unix/C/C++, Visual C++, Powerbuilder
  • J2EE Applications - Java beans, EJB, Struts, JMS, Swing, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery
  • Weblogic, Websphere, JBoss, Apache
  • Network Engineering and Support
  • IoT and Automation Systems Engineers

Accessibility & Accommodation Assignments

We focus on enablement and advisory services, collaborative technology research, exchange of ideas, and recruiting. Our accessibility experts provide pragmatic solutions for workplace accessibility and accommodation.

  • On-site and virtual Webinars
  • ADA accessibility grants and various other funding options to support accommodations.
  • Help identify accessibility shortfalls and create cost-effective implementation strategies.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Consulting

MapleTech is committed to helping organizations meet their DEI and/or BEI goals. We provide on-site and virtual training and advisory services to your staff in matters related to working with individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

  • Education and Training
  • Strategic Diversity Assessment
  • D&I related Policy and Procedures Development

A Partial List of Our Worldwide Clients


MapleTech helps realize value, not just identify it. Scale transformation from conception to client end-user-adoption through a data driven, user-centric, value-obsessed operating model and methodology proven to delivery up-to 25% improvements in efficiency.